Camel Toes & Saggy Booties

Ladies ladies ladies… 

 There are some women who think they can be lazy and wear leggings with a small shirt and get away with it but the truth is that… YOU CANT!!! No one in their right mind should wear leggings that do not cover their Va-jay-jay. Why? Let me show you why…

This is what we ALL see. You might think you look super hot or wanted to just put something on that was really easy, comfy and cute. Would you agree with me that this does not look attractive? Who in their right mind would think that?

Look at these girls and they are skinny and/or cute looking. Now lets think together.

Even if you are supper cute, the average woman is not skinny. That means that the average woman has some meat on her thighs which means those thighs are most likely not firm which means that this look is not one women should have. 


Okay, it’s bad enough that we see your camel toe in the front but you also give us a gag reflex when you walk away. 

again who thinks this is cute? Even if you put on a g-string your saggy butt is not something that people want to see. 

Let’s make it simple…

(Real woman) + (leggings) + (reality) – (long shirt) = camel toe & saggy butt

So next time you want to wear your leggings do this. 

Check out what you look like in them

1) Does your butt look like it peaks out of the bottom of your shirt in a saggy way?

2) Do you have a camel toe?

3) Are your leggings so old that you can see through them?

4) Are you wearing underwear that outlines every part of your butt in a bad way?

If you said yes to any of these 

1) wear a longer shirt

2) wear a dress

3) keep your coat on. 

4) Do something but please help the rest of us not want to throw up our lunch.

So next time you want to wear leggings please make sure you look at the check list.

Hope we learned something today.  🙂

9 thoughts on “Camel Toes & Saggy Booties

  1. I love to see the camel toe , and I think they look amazing and sexy , so keep your comments to yourself , most of the guys like that !!

  2. Eww! Even on Fat jiggly butts?! You’re disgusting. And no. I will not keep my comments to myself. If I have something to say I will say it. You’re the one coming into MY blog reading this so YOU keep your comment to yourself.

  3. i find it amusing that you envy the people that are not afraid to show their nice butt or camel toe, guys dont mind, and sometimes its even nice to see
    women who keep hiding everything seem insecure about themselves to others

    • I love leggings and I wear them all the time. Im definitely not insecure. I work out all the time but I just make sure to keep guys wondering instead of giving it away. You’re probably one or all of the following; fat, ugly, cant get any so you like to see it to keep you going, player that will eventually end up alone, lonely, desperate. I can keep going? Thanks for commenting!

      • You have a good point, sorry to sound harsh, but it’s hard to “unsee” a picture of a walrus bulging in her leggings. not really sexy. Women who do that on purpose shouldn’t get pissed off when they receive hoots and whistles from perverts. They’re just giving maniacs a reason to do so. It’s okay for women to look and feel sexy, nothing wrong with that, but they should be practical on how they show themselves on public.

  4. I think women are perverts too. If a man were dressed with tight pants showing his testicles, all the people would say that man is a pervert. It should be the same way in the case of women showing their genitalia, dressing like bitches all the time, everywhere. I always have said, there are pervert men because of provocative women that like you well say, they don’t left nothing to imagine.

  5. From a red-blooded American males’ perspective – I think most guys LOVE camel-toe as I do –

  6. There is nothing hotter and sexier than when women wear leggings/yoga pants. Some women choose to wear low cut shirts to show off clevage (most of them) I don’t find this very attractive as I’m 90% into a nice butt. Then most women try to show off their legs but guys arent interested in those much either so girls try shorter skirts so the guy can look an wish for the wind to blow. Women wearing leggings are only showing us their curves without revealing skin and this is exactly what a guy wants to see. You see that girls booty is nice but you don’t actually see it exposed. You see that they work out and take care of their bodies. When women wear low cut shirts which all of you try to show off clevage that works well for all type of girls regardless if her chest is saggy it appears “nice” while they cover their stomach so you dont see that they are fat. Or wearing mini skirt again trying to take guys mind under that skirt even tho you might have huge bottom or none at all hard to tell. Leggings reveal nothing but perfection of the curves, if they are fat it shows you that they are or if they are skinny it shows that too. So before you start commenting more on what others wear maybe look in the mirror and as to what you’re wearing

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