Marriage thought

Could marriage be for people who have no goals in life? Thus making them ready to settle down because they have nothing else going for them? It seems that the people around me who are settling down are the ones who’s lives have stopped at their careers. They have no intentions in pursuing more or setting goals that could push their boundaries and people’s expectations. Buying a house is not even in their mindsets. They have just… given up.

What I am saying does not mean that I don’t believe in marriage nor that I wouldn’t ever do it because I do want it and I desire it, eventually. Lately, something I have been struggling with is why do people not have more goals in their lives to strive for than just marriage? Why is getting married the most important event in our lives and not the event of opening a shop or traveling or starting a revolution? Do people understand the word “forever”? Do they understand that once you are married that will be what the rest of your life will look like. No more making rash decisions and going somewhere because you can or want to. No more spending the night at a friends for a weekend or going to your parents for a week.

The average life span of a human, according to Harvard health publications, is about 85-90, which means that if the average person gets married at about lets say 25, even though we know its sometimes less than that. For the first 22 years of your life you live with your parents and if you haven’t jumped the gun yet your lucky to live three years by yourself or roommates.

Now if you went to college this means that you lived at home for 18 years, 4-6 years with roommates, if you’re lucky 1-2 of those college years you will live alone, and the rest of your life with someone you marry. Do you see where Im getting at this? Just as they say that everyone should travel the world at least once in their lifetime I believe young adults should live alone for a good a handful of years. So many relationships and marriages end because someone wanted to find themselves, know who they were and what they want to do in this life. And why is it that everyone who is married, Christian or non-Christian, will tell you to wait as long as you can? And why isn’t that sinking in and making us think that perhaps they’re right. There is something about not being married that we need to cherish as long as we can?

I love marriage along with the idea of being with the person you love for the rest of your life. All I am saying is that there should be no rush into doing it. If you have the desire of getting married you most likely will get married but just think of this; you will be married for the REST of your life and like that Sandlot says, FOR-EVV-ERR!

Why not make the most out of being single, living alone while you can because this is the one and only chance you will get at it.

Do you know who you are ?


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