Now, I don’t know if I should be sad or not care about the result this year. Groundhog Phil saw his shadow early this morning through the fog and cloudy skies. In other times I really would get upset because I knew that it really was about to get ever colder but this year the weather has been fooling us to think we are in SPRING already!!

Something weird is happening. I always reverted back to the idea of global warming and was called crazy if I even believed in that but guess what people! It is happening! We’re suppose to be in winter and we are getting weather good enough to bike, run, and sometimes to even have picnics outside!

This is crazy, that’s what it is but I am truly enjoying it! It’s an awesome change to our every year winters when we don’t see the sun shine but every three weeks or so. Waking up to a bright day and sun every other day I think has kept everyone on a lighter and happier mood than we normally are in the winter. Hopefully it stays this way throughout February since we know it’s one of the most depressing times of the year for us Americans.

Even if we were to get a huge storm like we did last year I think it would be a great reminder that we are still in winter and somehow the environment is still kinda of normal. Even though it’ll probably melt away in two days.



Want to know more about Groundhog day?


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