Fast Food

After learning a bit about McDonald’s and fast food in the past few months I have come to gag when I think of buying something that is so harmful to the body. The worst thing about this is that we dont get it. People don’t want to understand how disgusting fast food is for you and what it does to you and your future body.The Grammy goes to those people who, knowing that fast food is bad, give it to their kids! Why would you want to get your kids addicted to looking yellow, being fat, feeling unhealthy, and feeling lazy all the time?

A couple of things I have noticed with some people that I know who do feed their kids this molded garbage is that that their skins turn into this yellowish and olive color. They also begin to have bags under their eyes, this is also related to the fact that they dont tell their kids to go to bed by 7pm. If you have children and you’re feeding them their death you might want to stop and think the damage you’re causing them.

Do something different, healthy, and cook with them.

I wish there was something we could do to open peoples eyes but until then, I think if I can get one person every year to stop eating fast food than I will feel accomplished. Ha ha, let’s see how that goes.

I was reading the Nitty Gritty blog and was amazed at what I read about fast food. I was absolutely shocked that Subway’s in here!


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