Meet Betsy: The Super Woman

Meet my friend Betsy. She is one of the most inspiring women I have met and she is truly beautiful from the inside and out. I’m so embarrassed because I thought I remembered the day when I first met her at a church basement but she says it was at Olive Garden when Mike Steinsland proposed to me and we officially married one another that evening.
I still think it was the church but it does not matter because the more I get to know Betsy the more I thank God I was able to become her friend. She is such an adventurous woman, who loves nature, has a big heart, and loves God. I have to say that I have learned so much from her. She doesn’t know this but when I began to get to know her I loved how interested she was in my life, asking questions, and really engaging into what I had to say. Not many people are like that. It made me rethink the way I talk to people in conversations and it is because of her that I have fallen in love with getting to know people, who they are, what they really are going through. To not be the average person who just boasts about themselves and talks about the weather but instead ask deep questions that make people think and want to share because of how interested you are in getting to know them not just having a conversation because you’re forced to. So thank you Betsy for opening me up to this. 

Besides learning about how to whole heartedly engage into someone’s life she has also helped me to be more cautious of the earth and eating healthy. Although, eating healthy is still a struggle for me I have been able to little by little implement into my life because it is SO important that we eat nutritious and if possible, organically. I feel like every time I hangout with her she teaches me something new about nature or the things that surrounds us. 
Overall, she is just a great friend. She is one that I know I can go to if I am ever in need and who will give me a straight up answer, no sugar coating allowed. I think we all can appreciate friends who are like this.

Remember how I said she was adventurous? Well, Betsy got a job in Georgia. She was living in Santa Cruz, where I got to work at last summer, for about almost three years but wasn’t finding what she needed there even though it was a great place for her to be at for that time being. Here comes the good part… Betsy sold her Ford Focus to buy her dream Vespa that she had wanted for such a long time. Can you see where Im getting with this? Well, just last week on Friday I believe, it was supposed to be Thursday but didn’t work out that way. Betsy hopped on her VESPA and began her journey from Santa Cruz all the way to Georgia (making LOTS of stops in between of course)! 

I dont know but I had never heard of someone riding their Vespa across the nation, especially a woman! This is something to empower all women out there who think they could never in their right mind be able to do this. It really is encouraging to see know that a 26 year-old woman is accomplishing something that many of us might never be able to do. I know that there are lots of people out there who are traveling across the nation and many of them in motorcycles or whatever but to hear of a female on a Vespa is beyond my mind. She is on her fifth day travel and has already been through a whole lot. Today she is to travel through Arizona which is said to have a good thunderstorm on the way. If you could pray for her so that she misses it or that it comes nowhere near her I know she would really appreciate this. She is suppose to come visit and I want her here in one piece, lol.
Betsy has a blog where she is writing about all her travels and adventures its called “An Ocean of Trees” but she changed it to \”Georgia or Bust!\” for the time being. You can follow her in all that she goes through and see all the amazing pictures she has been posting up of all the things she sees everyday. 
Keep her in your prayers guys, Thanks!!

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