Celebrities DEAD

Last month, Ryan Dunn, a Jackass member, was pronounced dead on Monday June 20th. Apparently, he had been drinking with a few friends and at 2:30am took a turn for the worse while driving his friend, Zachary Hartwell, in his car and went off a cliff. The way he died seems like it would have been just another one of Jackass stunts but this was reality. It is said that he was going about 130mph in a 55mph zone, hit a guardrail, crashed into the woods, his car split apart!, and went up in flames. There was no way either one of them would have made it out alive.

Im not someone who cries about celebrity deaths but this one really hit my heart. I had no idea what had happened and laid down on my couch to watch a Jackass documetary on Mtv when in one of the commercials they briefly showed a debut to him. It shocked me so bad that I began to look up everything I could about the accident and began to cry the more I read.

Im a huge Mtv fan, those who know me know this is true. When the first Jackass movie came out I snuck out of my house to go see it because my parents were SOO STRICT and wouldn’t let me go. I was 19! I stole my dads white truck, hopped in, and met up with me crush, who acted just like them and was as cute as they were, to go see it. Sadly, I had to leave before it ended because my parent’s wouldn’t stop calling my phone and I knew they were capable of showing up but I at least got to kiss my boy on the cheek, that made both of our nights, lol! Oh young love.

I haven’t been able to sit down and watch tv in the past month since I have been hosting Couch Surfers non-stop, which btw I still have to write about, and of course Im watching Mtv when they stop to say that Amy Winehouse has been found dead in her London flat just a few hours ago. Maybe drug overdose but who knows? It’s not going to be clear for another few weeks and perhaps they’ll tell the truth or give us a lie just so we can “remember” her in a positive way. I was trying to think of any relation I had with Amy and I remembered I did like her, ha ha. I sung one of her songs at Karaoke once and dressed up as her for this costume party Judson had a few years ago. My friend Nemma did an amazing job at painting most of her tattoos one me and sewing my dress up. Oh that girl, shout out to her. She is the best!!! And no, I did not cry for her but it did impact me when I heard. 

Whatever the deal is she is not alive anymore and this only brings up one question to my  mind.

Who will be nexxt?

My mom once told me that deaths come in pairs of three and throughout the years I have been able to prove her right! Im scared to even think of who will be next since apparently they are lined in some way with my past. Celebrities dying has never affected me and I never understood why people would cry but I think I kind do now. Maybe it’s because Im getting older and things like these are seen more often? I dont know?

People out there reading this, please be SMART when you go out and do things!! I really don’t feel like balling my eyes out because I wont get to see you again. Especially, those of you who do more than just drink.

Source: Mail Online- Ryan Dunn

Source: Mail Online- Amy Winehouse


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