Body World





I though I had taken more pictures but I guess I really didn’t have the stomach too.

I just heard the news that Body World is in town!! It HAS been here since March 18th and will stay until September 5th (which is a day before my Sister’s birthday, just in case you were wondering) and is showing in The Museum of Science and Industry. 

Tickets come in two ways. You can get tickets to just see the exhibition for $27 (adults), $18 (Children), and $26 (Seniors) OR you can can see the exhibition PLUS watch the Omnimax Movie, which if you haven’t seen it is a MUST SEE; $35 (adults), $24 (Children), and $33 (Seniors).  This includes general admission. 

(Gosh! They really don’t give senior a break, huh?)

Im excited because I want to take my dad to this. I know he would absolutely LOVE It! I actually got to see it when Jess L (my backpack traveling buddy) and I were in Berlin and the first person I thought of when I went in was my dad. I soon realized that it had not made it over here and it would be a while if it did. HUGE Disappointment! 

Side Note:We both were so excited to see it. It was actually a great end to an amazing day after seeing the Berlin wall, one of the many Holocaust monuments and probably the most amazing McDonald’s meal after walking for hours! (and I say this not because we were starving, although that might have had a lot do to with it, but because they were offering a completely different menu than the States! We probably did a million things more but I can’t remember. 

I usually have a really strong stomach when it comes to watching gross things on tv but when it comes to real flesh and blood I just can’t do it. I walked into the exhibition and got through the first part okay but then out of nowhere I just felt really queazy and had to sit out the rest of it while Jess got to take advantage of it all. At least one of us did. 

The show basically consisted of fetus up to dead people, veins on people’s faces as well as how fat just hangs on you with no purpose, people in actions and many other details. They are all different so I can’t tell you what to expect at this one. The one we went to had a gorilla at then end to close the show. It looked very real. 


For those of  you who have no idea what Body World is…

In Short: It’s an exhibition where people have donated their bodies to science (after they die of course), science then takes them and dips them in all these chemicals for a certain period of time, takes them out and molds them into any way they want to.

After seeing all those bodies and reading all the facts I came out never wanting to eat unhealthy AGAIN!! ..That changed on our way home, lol. All in all it was worth every penny or euro since Im obviously going to go see it again. Let’s hope this time my stomach is stronger but I highly doubt. 

WARNING! This is an exhibition with REAL people and you get to see every detail of them like you have NEVER in your life have seen. You will learn things about your body you never knew and get grossed or awed at every corner you turn. So if you have a weak stomach I would advise to walk through the show as quickly as possible. It’s worth going because it’s one of those lifetime opportunities, just do it fast this way you can say that you at least go to go. 


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