Music Time

Time for some music candy. I have compiled a large variety of music that I listed to last summer. Some you may know and others you really wont because only few ears have had the privilege of listening to it such as “Green” by Hanna Van Hemert. Yes, it might sound very rustic but thats because it is. A little background on the song before you hate it because it doesnt sound like the others. 

Last summer I worked at the Salvation Army Camp in Scotts Valley California. I usually was the last one to come into the dorm because I was one of the head leaders. Once the night fell and the kids were all in their cabins we all just would head into our rooms and relax. We were drenched out from all the running around. Every night that I would walk the hallway to my room I would listen to Hanna sing this beautiful song on her Ukulele and every night I lay in my bed relaxing until I would fall asleep listening to it. At the time it was the perfect song for me since it was exactly how I felt. When I finally told her that I loved her song she told me that she had written it!!! Loving music as her final project she decided to write a song as her final project. 

Hanna hope you dont hate me for putting it up on the webs but I think it’s one that needs to be leaked. So there you go guys, if you didn’t before now you know a bit of history behind this song plus you just got to know more about a beautiful artist. Now when you click on the link hit next until you get song “Green”.

Click Here


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