Summer Summer Summer!!

I love this picture from Vera Bradley’s new line. It reminds me of Santa Cruz and summer in California last year. Oh what I would do to be there right now. First let me focus on getting school over with and then hopefully we can say hello to warm weather all year long by this time next year!

The weather is getting better, schools are finishing up and summer is almost here!!! woo hoo. Every time I think of schools out I always think of The Goofy Movie. I don’t know why but it just becomes the perfect scene when Max bursts out of his schools door.

I have a friend whom I admire so dearly. He ALWAYS finds something to do in the summer. I just moved into Chicago city a couple days ago and now that Im here I wondered why I have never been as adventurous as he. Being here makes me want to take advantage of everything I have near by and you should too!!! Look in the newspaper because they always have something going. 

Check out your downtown or local farmer’s market! I love farmers markets. Not only do you get fresh food but its organic and a bit cheaper than grocery stores plus you get to meet people and try different things you never had even heard of. Elgin has these amazing corn on the cobs that they sell that can be eaten fresh off the cob without boiling! They are sweet and it makes you feel like your eating some kind of dessert, thats how good they are! Then the Santa Cruz one had these spinach and cheese crepe that were to die for!!! I have to make that this summer. I would always get that and these raspberry almonds. Im going to guess Chicago’s farmer’s market is as, if not, better than SC. 

Every city has little rivers, streams or lakes. Find one and make it your summer spot!

Try different things dont be lazy!!!


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