Music (please please help!)

The Hudson Branch: A Documentary

I love helping people if I can and my friends in the Hudson Branch band are recording a new album!! This is their first in studio album that they will be recording. I love them and their voices not just because I know them but because they are really good. If they weren’t I promise I wouldn’t be doing this. Here listen to some of their music and tell me Im not lying… listen to some free songs.

If you go back to their home page you can search and get some free music. It might be christmas stuff but its free!

Anyway, I want to ask you that if you can you should also support them financially even if its with a dollar or five?! Everyone has a dollar in their purse. Go to their site and swipe your card for whatever you want to give. Then enjoy the good food for your ears! New Hudson Branch LP


I am going to set up a spot on my Etsy account and if you donate money through it I’ll send a free small gift out to you plus a shout out to you on my blog. What is it? It will be a surprise… a surprise you will use. So give generously!!  



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