It’s Friday!!

Don’t have anything to do here a few ideas you can explore.

Stay in

If you just want to stay in tonight in this London chilled & muggy day gets some friends over and make desserts! 
Explore the internet, get ideas and Make them! There are so many inspirations out there that you can make with what you have. No need of going to buy anything. Use your imagination and work with what you have. Here are some site you should check out…


Sign on or sign up, Click an interest and scroll down until you see something you like. I have recently fallen in LO-LOVE of tumblr! It’s got so many sweet ideas and things you can just look at. It’s so creative and fun. It’s kinda like facebook with a twitter twist on it. You see something and you can re-post it on your wall for others to see and for you to have for your records. It’s so much FUN!!! You can check my tumblr for some ideas –> bepinned.tumblr


Have you ever heard of it? OMG you are going to be so addicted to it but please don’t this is definitely one of those site that can be really bad in the sense that you will not be able to stop clicking! So if you have a problem with addiction DON”T choose this one!!! I use it to get ideas. I rarely ever get on because it’s SOOO much time-consuming!!!!! well, only if yo make it. 


I have to admit that I haven’t really explored this one at all but I think what you do is you can use your imagination to put outfits together. It’s very feminine and fun. Kinda of a way to fantasy shop or idk? Let me know if you figure it out. 

Going out

Photography. This can be a really good day to take on a challenge and take picture in the cold and gloom of the day. Put on your rainy gear and shoot away. Get your friends, go to the forest or a river,go to abandoned places – oo there’s another one
Make a dance video!! Those are so fun and great to watch afterwards!

Go pig out on popcorn and a hot dog in the movies! There a few good ones out.  Scream 4: ok I am not a fan of sequels and I usually refuse to go watch them because they usually turn out lame unless it’s Toy Story or Shrek but this one… I’ll actually go watch this one because they actually brought out the ENTIRE original cast! I mean it might not be that great but I have to say that because I went to go see these when they came out while I was in high school I would not mind to go see it again ten years later or however long it has been, haha!
Go to border’s or Barne’s and Nobles, pick a bunch of books or mags, sit down and just chill out with your friends. It’s so much fun to just talk and catch up with your good old pals, ha ha!

Go out on an adventure, get in your car and get lost but make sure you bring your GPS to actually know how to get back.
And as I mentioned abandoned places, Go find them and search in them. Don’t get caught but this can be so much fun. Just make sure you don’t get caught in the dark. Get out before it’s too late.



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