Hotdogs and Tortillas?

YES!!!! If you like trying new things you might like this one!

I am a hotdog fan!! Love love love hotdogs in anything!

As a college student who had no time to make food but needed to eat. One day I  saw that all I had were hotdogs and tortillas. I put them together and voila! It’s actually very delicious if you like juicy foods.

How to Cook:

I personally like Milagro Corn Tortillas, for some reason flour tortillas always make me nauseous?

And any kinda of hotdog. I like the ones that have cheese inside. I love cheese too!

Cook them separately. If you have a cast iron pan or any flat pan for that matter I would flip the tortillas on it. They come out better than being in a microwave.

I eat them plain cause the juices give no need for anything to be added but to each is own.

I hope you like!


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