Adele 21

So GOOD!!!

Her official video is even better. I hate how wordpress won’t allow VEVO videos.

Speaking of her official video…

I love how she stuck the guy in a corner room and placed glasses of water in the hallway so when he begins to thump the water begins to tremble. It really defines what her  feeling of “a fire starting” is to her. It becomes visibly and physically to us. Let me just say that I am connecting very well with that scene.

With this song being very retro I kinda wish we could have seen her standing in an empty stage with her back-up singers. I know it’s very cliche but it would have given the video an umph to it instead of seeing her just sitting on a chair. I’m sorry, I love Adele but her sitting there the entire time made her feel to me as though she was too big to walk around or be somewhat active.

Lastly, I love that she had models made to be burn.

Adele\’s Rolling in The Deep


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