Hate reheated pizza?

I don’t mind reheated pizza but there are some pizzas that DO NOT taste good or they just tasted so much better fresh. Couple years ago I went to Guatemala and my aunt went to go reheat pizza but instead of sticking it in the microwave she took out a pan and placed the pizza on it for a few minutes. Did you know this? I didn’t. Oh my gosh, it tasted as if we had just ordered it!

We went to Olive Garden last night and I ordered the Chicken Alfredo Pizza. I didn’t finish it so I took it home to have something to eat for lunch. I warmed it up in my panini pan and then placed my slices on it for about 7 minutes turning them over  often. Hugh! Tasted fresh out of the oven. No sogginess, still has it’s crunch and the cheese melted to perfection. Yum!


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