The day has arrived for me to share with you what I love to DO!

My PhD (Personal Hand Dandy Notebook ) is a 4×6 lined and plain paper book with two dividers to help me stay organized.

My PhD is also available in
Soft Cover Single: Lined or Plain Paper $5

Hard Cover One Divider:
Choose from both sides Lined, Plain or both? $10

Hard Cover Two divider (as shown):
Two Lined and Plain $12.50

Chose your Cover




Print #1- Qty 2                          Print #5 -Qty 1                         Print #6- Qty 3





Print #2- Qty 1                          Print #7-Qty 3                          Print #8-Qty 3





Print #3 -Qty 2            Print #4 -Qty 1 Single


Ribbon Embrace Necklace $10 each OR Both $15.50



Mr. Black $10.50 & Miss Metal Black $10.50

NOTE: When Ordering* you can;

1)Scroll down for my Etsy link (preferred because it’s easier if you have paypal)

2)Send your information in a PERSONAL message to Muse Berry @Facebook

3)Email your information to

*All orders will be processed once your payment is arrives.


readers @ wordpress get the “Underground Menu”. Email me for an exclusive peak at some of my other handmade items.

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