learn how to apply eyeshadow

I just found this as I was checking out the sephora website.

Kat Von D launches her make-up line and give us a few pointers on how to apply eyeshadow the way artist do!

It really has helped me apply mine on and by using the shadows I already had and my awesome new Sonia Kashuk eyeshadow brush I posted earlier  I have had a great success.

I don’t know about you but my makeup colors are very neutral rather than dark. Even if you don’t apply as much shadow with this same technique you can get great results! I suggest you try it at home and learn how to mix them before going out. You wouldn’t want to be caught rushing for that amazing date or hanging out with friends and your makeup turns out horrible. ick, no way! Take time before going to bed or right before you wash your face that way you don’t have to do it twice which also could frustrate your skin.

I use Revolon eyeshadows because they’re cheap, have great color pallets and last. Here are some tips I use:

1) The first pallet is to be placed on your brow bone or underneath your eyebrows. I carry it down to the crease which is where the top of my eye meets my eye lid.

2) Then pick a color you want on your eye lid and apply it. I usually go for the third one down because it’s softer or you could go for the second one down. Just don’t pick the last one.

3) Now if you’re skin is quite fair you most likely will be able to use the third one down but the forth pallet down, the darkest one of them all, is the one you will be applying to the corner of your eye and in the crease.

Note: For those of you who are more daring in wearing makeup this is the oder these are to be used in [Top or First in line from top to bottom is used for- brow line]

[2nd lightest- on your eyelid]

[3rd – crease]

[4th and Darkest of them all – Corner]


Watch and learn


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