done with you Eyeliner!

If you’re like me who loves to wears make-up but HATE how going cheap doesn’t always mean long lasting even if it says it on the box I have our answer!

At the beginning of this month I went shopping for eyeliner. I was running out and had some Christmas money still left over. I had been thinking of switching from pencil to liquid eyeliner because I love how liquid stays on so great throughout the day but idk, there’s had always been something about it that always made me… ick, not want it?

I remember seeing an ad in a magazine about a little gel tub which sparkled my eye. I couldn’t remember what the name of it was but luckily I have been gifted with having a photographic memory, ding! 🙂 I went to Target and began looking around until I bumped  into it (literally, ima klutz sometimes). I took it home to try it hoping it wouldn’t work because unlike paying $4 for my Cover Girl’s Long Lasting eye liner, which does does an amazing job at going on strong but kinda rubs off later in the day making you start looking like a raccoon if you don’t remember to clean it up by dabbing, I paid around $9 for this tiny little tub! Along with the tub I also bought a bent brush for $6 to help me apply it because I didn’t own one.

Ladies& guys who apply make-up :/ whatever that means to you.

I am not lying when I say this thing LASTS ALL DAY!!! So I paid a couple more dollars than I usually do but let me tell you this stuff is for REALZ. Ha ha ha! It’s so worth the money. It applies on like a pencil but draws like a liquid and still manages to look so natural. It lasts literally all day and if you go to bed with it you’ll wake up with it on, of course it won’t look so perfectly new but you could definitely run out to get groceries with it and not look like you just woke up. lol. I’m running a test on it right now to see how long it lasts. If my Cover Girl could last about 4 months wearing it every single day, this stuff looks like it could beat it by a few months making it worth your money.

I’ve attached the exact names and pictures of all three to make it easier on you. I haven’t seen if other places sell it but I keep my eye out and will add on to the post if and who does.

Sonia Kashuk Dramatically Defining Long Wear Gel Liner Collection (it comes in Black, Brown and Blue? idk it just does)


Sonia Kashuk Bent Eyeliner Brush

I also decided to buy a brush fro $13 to help me apply my eye shadow which turns out to be amazing as well.

Kashuk Tools® Large Eye Shadow Brush


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