Hel-lohh World! bePinned is HERE!!!

I’m so excited to share with you guys all my knowledge in fashion, art, design and more! First of all I want to make sure you know that this site is very open to both men and women BUT I will aware you that it will mostly be advertised to women. I would like to eventually pull out a line for men but first let me settle down with my women line. 🙂

One of the many reasons I wanted to set up this blog was to begin communicating to all those out there who would have loved to have had another person to ask for advice on but never seemed to have anyone nearby. bePinned is here to help! I want to make sure that you know you have another friend in me! Whether you need to ask about what to wear on that special date, how to apply or chose the perfect make-up to advice on decorating your place. I want you to feel comfortable in asking me anything that is on your mind. My goal is to respond ASAP because I know how important you are to me and to the situation you are going through and I want to make sure we get want you need without having to wait an eternity for an answer! This is my promise to you.

bePinned will not only be a helpful website but a site where you will be able to buy handmade objects for your home and/or personal use! I’m excited to introduce all my lines to you but I’m going to keep it suspenseful until the time is right. I promise you won’t be let down but make sure you keep your eye out because fun gifts will be added to those who are the first few to submit an order. This part is to be continued…

I am pumped for all of you to see what I have to offer you as well as getting to know each and everyone of you through my services!



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